Check out these amazing variety of font combination; multiple caps and font styles in their many different variations, and make your selection from the half-full glass of milk, full-glass or the empty-glass of milk – whichever suits you the most!

Working with a variety of font types is something I love doing, every single day. Not only has it expounded my knowledge in the use of font types, the significant role these fonts play in our text communications; graphic design, t-shirt designs, and packaging design have been quite intriguing.

These font variations are great on any t-shirt design, hoodies, packaging, advertising or invitations – you choose! To catch a full glimpse of this beautiful assortment of fonts, and how they fit into your graphic design – their characters and unique combinations, click on this link:

How does it work?

Here is a quick summary of how it works:

  • Download the .ZIP file and unpack the file
  • Locate all 3 OTF files and install
  • Open your go-to document application, text editor or graphic design software (e.g. MS Word or Adobe Photoshop).
  • Click on the font drop-down option in the Text Editor.
  • Select “Fat Milk” and use your new typeface.

Congratulations! You are good to go… Type all you want; and create your unique packaging designs with your favorite font.
For further questions or any other inquiry, you are welcome to contact me.

**The product will be delivered to you electronically for download, after payment – not as a physical product.

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