Which typefaces and colors should you use to frame your brand effectively? It is tough questing as much as it may seem something easy. To some people, it could be easy considering their experience, but to many, it’s not just accessible.

Choosing a typeface is all about finding the best way to communicate with your customers. Color provides contrast, emphasis, and hierarchy. Apart from these, color is the best way to evoke a mood. The color used for branding is good for reinforcing and identity. It can impact a feeling that something is familiar.

Colors and fonts play together

The type of font and the color you choose are fundamental in delivering your message. You need to select colors that create a strong contrast and not those close to value. In this, you can apply the three basic categories of color theory: the color wheel, color harmony, and context.

The first thing that will be noticed in your brand is not the font but the color. When developing a compelling design, proper use of colors is necessary. Readers need to understand your content. Color could add a sense of interest in headings, subheadings other elements.

A design could be significantly enhanced with the proper use of the right colors. It could have something to do with mood, purchase decision as well as the experience of the viewer. Background colors should not be in the same color scheme as the text color. No one will be able to read what you have written if everything appears in the same colors.

Our favourite color combinations



Dark Grey & Yellow



Sky Blue & White



Electric Blue & Lime Green


how to choose colors that fit your brand? - 2 - How to choose colors that fit your brand?