Do you want to have fun learning how you can create (spooky) character illustrations in Adobe Illustrator? Of course you do who wouldn’t!

As the title of the course suggests the characters you create will have a fun twist on more traditional monster designs. Don’t worry if you have no experience in character art. The first chapter of this course covers all the important techniques and concepts used by illustrators to create engaging characters.

The rest of the course is designed to teach you a full work-flow from sketches to a final result and includes all the resources you need to start and finish three professional monster illustrations. The skills and techniques you pick up will also help you to develop your very own characters spooky or not!

This course is best suited for anyone who already has a basic understanding of working with Adobe Illustrator as we are going to use advanced techniques like shading with Gradient Meshes, adding texture effects, using Clipping Masks and CC 2019 new features like Freeform Gradients and Global Edit.


  • Discover the ideation and conceptual stages behind Character Design so you become confident in dreaming up your own illustrations.
  • Work on three character illustration projects. These projects teach a workflow from initial sketches through to full vector drawings so you get an in-depth insight into each step of the creative process.
  • The course includes sketches, colours, and other elements you can use whilst following along with the videos to recreate each character OR use the techniques demonstrated to create your own versions of these characters and let your ideas run wild!
  • In total, the course includes 60 video lessons and 3 working projects. Once you own the course it’s yours to own and use forever. Learn at your own pace and re-visit any techniques you need to brush up on.
drawing monsters with adobe illustrator cc - 2 - Drawing Monsters with Adobe Illustrator CC