A good design brief helps the designing agencies and their teams to get a full insight into what the client really requires for creating brand awareness for their products and services. According to a study, 89% of the B2B marketers focus on brand awareness. It becomes mandatory for a design agency to get proper details in order to create killer designs. Let us see these 5 vital steps and gain the requisite information:

Step 1 – Seek Your Client

The foremost thing is to know about the work with your client. You need to know about their products and services, whether they are a startup, small-scale or mid-sized business house. This will support in designing a perfect website, logo, business card, etc. for the clients.

Step 2 – Type of Design Required

Consider the designing requirements of your client. This will help you to create a logo, website, or social media image of your clientele. You can consider the following:

  • If the client wants a logo then the image types, colors, and textures must be cleared.
  • The requirement of design for Social Media ads or campaigns.
  • If the client wants a website, then which CMS platform they would like to prefer.  WordPress is widely used since it uses 60% of the CMS market share.
  • Formats of the business cards, printed emails, and much more.

Step 3 – Know about the Target Audience

It is necessary to know about the target audiences of the company. This will help in designing a website, business card, logo, social media page, etc. in the best possible way. In the design brief, let the company owner state about their target audiences, whether they are teenagers, youngsters, or baby boomers. One needs to know whether the company is targeting female or male segment of the immediate market. Moreover, the design should be such that it builds their audiences. The survey by OnBrand states that 72% of the marketers agreed on creating the audiences.

Step 4 – Understanding Client’s Competitors

While getting a design brief, ask your clients about their direct or indirect competitors that are selling the same products and services. This will help you to get an insight into their strengths, weaknesses, admirable features of the competitors, etc. It will aid the designers to develop something enticing so that it can catch an eye of your clients’ audiences in one go. Do not let your client’s company design confuse the target audiences with their competitors.

Step 5 – Acknowledge Your Client’s Budget and Deadline

The budget and deadline for finishing the project must be discussed well in advance. The agency must know about their client’s budget like if they are opting for a website, whether they want it fully customized or a professional template improved according to their demand, requirements of hosting services or editing services, etc. Even get the deadline before which they want their designing project to be completed so that there is no hassle caused by your designing team.

To sum up, when the details in a design brief are documented in a good way, the designing agency is able to deliver creative goods better, faster and cheaper!

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