A little bit about me!

My creativity had led me into the world of arts.
I am currently a graphic designer and a freelance illustrator based in the Netherlands.
Doing illustrations for children’s books and magazines has been my first love and passion.
Aside from that, I also do short comic strips for a number of businesses in order to expand the hidden talents that I posses.

As a child, I always dreamed of becoming a comic artist and creator.
For that reason, I decided to go in middle school that offers specialized education in doing graphic designs, however, it turned out that they didn’t offer “creating comics for a living” classes.
Because of that, some of my plans changed a bit wherein I have decided to focus and pay more attention on doing more grateful things.

Since I was doing lots of illustrations already, I was looking for other ways to put my creativity in.
I started discovering 3D design, from 3D modeling to 3D animation.
After years of having a full-time day job and running “Znort Designs” as a hobby, I made the decision last to become a full-time creative freelancer.
With the years of experience I had in the artistic field and since being creative has been my nature ever since I was young, I already had a wide experience when it comes to several software programs such as Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and a lot more to mention.
Aside from that, I also have an interest in creating prototypes, customizing toys and creative packaging design.

Taking new challenges is what I really want to do because I want to continue learning in order to become a better artist of myself and a person who loves his job.
I want to share the skills and talents I have acquired to other people and help them venture in their own field through my artistic and creative side.